What genres do you prefer?

Our life depends directly on ourselves. Not from the boss who has overwhelmed the work, nor from the parents who demand a report even when you are over 40, or from children who purposely exasperate you, or from any other circumstances. Only from yourself, from your mood, from your thoughts and actions. We suggest that you read a couple of books that will exactly change your attitude to life and fill your thoughts with positive. - Muriel Berbury - "The elegance of the hedgehog." A teenage girl, intelligent and developed beyond her years, an elderly concierge who studies philosophy and is carried away by Mozart's creativity, a wealthy Japanese who has moved to a posh Paris apartment in the declining years. What binds these people, how their lives change after they accidentally find each other ... - Diane Setterfield - "The Thirteenth Fairy Tale". The story of the saleswoman of the second-hand bookshop, which stormy modernity prefers the work of Dickens and the sisters of Bronte. She is privileged to write a biographical novel by a famous writer who never gave interviews in her life. In the mysterious and gloomy castle of the writer and unfolds a gothic story of twin sisters, which is originally associated with her own.